About GPS

 Our GPS System will help you Get Published Successfully in as little as a week.

What we Do

  • Our GPS team helps you produce, publish, promote and profit from your book.  
  • We help with everything involved in writing, publishing and profiting.  
  • Using our system, you will select an editor and a designer, procure an ISBN number.  
  • Upon completion, your book will be available for purchase via printed copy or e-book and you will have a clearly executable marketing plan to ensure your books success.

How it Works

  1. We interview you. You just talk about what you know 
  2. We use our systematic and tested process to get your ideas into a book.
  3. Our process is a proven and modern way to get you a book that is entirely your ideas, in your words, and even your voice—but much easier than doing it yourself. 

5 Steps to Publishing


You can’t publish a book without first writing it. If you’re reading this, you probably have an idea for a book, or you’ve already written some or all of it.  


When you write a book you make thousands of creative decisions. By the time you’re done your first or second or third draft, it becomes nearly impossible for you to grasp how a reader would experience your manuscript for the first time. An editor provides fresh eyes and improves the quality of your writing.



Once the manuscript is edited, a designer creates a compelling cover that will help the book sell. The designer also does the interior layout of the book to ensure optimal reading experience, and ensures the design files meet all the specifications so that the book can be distributed, both in print and e-book formats.  


Once you have a finished product, you need to make it available for people to buy. Nowadays, most sales channels are available to self-published authors. Also, because print-on-demand (POD) technology permits printing one book at a time, it isn’t necessary to spend any money on printing.  

Distribution includes listing your book with major online retailers like  Amazon.com, making your book available to brick-and-mortar bookstores through a distributor, and automatically printing and fulfilling orders, collecting payment, and issuing royalties. Distribution also includes e-book sales via the Kindle, Kobo and other e-book stores. Brick-and-mortar bookstores can’t be forced to stock your book, but they can be given easy access to it via mainstream distributors.  


Once your book is available for sale, you need to get people to hear about it and create “buzz.” Promoting activities include issuing press releases and approaching traditional print and broadcast media for interviews or book reviews, online marketing using social media, and events, such as a book launch

GPS Reviews

GPS continues to produce best selling books for creatives and aspiring authors just like you! Check out a few of our success stories.

Nikki Hawkins

Nikki's #1 BestSeller is being used as a fund raising tool for her non profit transition house for women living with HIV.  Since releasing her powerful book Nikki has traveled across the country speaking to events and at conferences,

KeJohnna Owens

Kejohnna "The Key Man" Owens, has mastered many Jobs and businesses.  Publishing a Best Selling Motivational book was no different.  As an in-demand speaker Kejohnna is leveraging the power of the published book to exceed his own expectations.

Dr. Tye Caldwell

Tye is a widely successfully Salon owner and devdeloper of an incredibly innovative App called "ShearShare".  He lectures around the globe with his #1 Best Selling book "Mentored by Failure"

Dr. Martin Thomas

Dr. Thomas has a remarkable story about Rescue, Redeeption , Restoration. Before an unplanned hiatus removed from the speaking circuit, he was one of the most in demand speakers in his denomination.  He is back with a best selling book and  a needed message to men!

Dr. F. D. Guyton

Dr. Guyton continues to excite audiences wherever he goes. His unique blend of wit, wisdom and worldly advice is certain to capture you and convert you into a believer that your feet are important.  

Dr. Lei Lewis

Dr. Lei Lewis is a true Visionary who speaks to sold out venues around the country.  She publishes a magazine an has an annual awards show.  Dr. Lewis' main superpower is her ability to connect to powerful people and have them aid in her cause.

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